What patients have to say!

“I’ll never think about a doctor the same way again.”

MichaelClinic patient

“Why would you people take the time to do all of this for us?”

Clinic Patient

“Their members came from all over the world to enrich Spokane socially and physically. Many friends of mine benefitted and I received some valuable dental care that was not covered by my insurance plan.”

Clinic Patient

“I want to thank God as I’m recovering from my hysterectomy, truly you all did an amazing job. May God continue to bless you all. A million thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Clinic Patient

“Everyone is just so gentle, kind, and caring. We discussed it with each other all morn-ing, and you know what the common denominator is here? It’s that they’re all Christians. They’re volunteering. They’re following Christ’s example. It’s great to see that. It’s refreshing.”

KimberlyClinic patient