Patient Registration Department Webinar Training


GOAL:  Ensure that each patient requesting services in “Your Best Pathway to Health” program is processed at registration correctly, efficiently and with a spirit of Christian love.


Guiding Principles:

·      Service the maximum number of patients possible

·      Assist all patients in correctly filling out the paperwork required

·      Ensure all information is kept secure


Responsibilities for Patient Registration Volunteers:

·      Participate in all pre-event phone and email communication as requested to ensure general knowledge regarding the event.  There will be opportunity to ask questions.

·      Understand assigned roles:

o   Welcome patients and direct them to registration tables as they enter building

o   Distribute medical forms to patients in line and assist them with completing the information required (this will take place in early morning to enable patients to move faster through the registration process allowing other departments to get started on time)

o   Register patients, answer questions, and ensure paperwork is correctly filled out (This will be the majority of volunteers)

o   Obtain translators as necessary

o   Register surgical patients who were pre-screened the previous day

·      Attend final mandatory training and orientation on set-up day

·      Watch for opportunities to witness and pray with patients